Dogs Or Cats

dogs or cats

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For years we have known dogs and cats are different. But which one is better? Well, we may be a bit prejudice but we KNOW dogs are better. As loyal as we are to our puppies, we will try to give a fair argument.

Their Behavior In The Wild


While more canine species form packs (wolves,  jackals,  African wild dogs, and coyotes) only lions of the feline family form “packs” but feral domestic cats create groups with females and kittens. This being said, both families are primarily solitary.

 Thus dogs tend to be more loyal and easier to bond with. But this is not a clear-cut fact. We must remember dogs and cats are individuals and have their own personalities.

Furthermore, both animals are very territorial which is why they can be so fierce towards each other. Sometimes they can be so territorial that they believe they own everything, not you! This is why you must be clear about who is in charge from an early age.

"A Working Pet"

cat on couch

Cats are great predators. One of their most common uses is in rodent elimination and prevention. As well as warding off stray cats. 

Dogs are also great predators, of more than just animals. They can be used for hunting, drug-sniffing, and even cancer-detecting. But the most popular implication is as an early warning and defense system at home.

dog in the woods

Social Benefit Of Owning A Pet

In some ways, your pets can affect your social life by being apart of your personal image. So which companion can get you places?

A British poll found that 82 percent of women find animal lovers more attractive. And an astounding 90 percent of women said that men with cats are “nicer” than other guys. Owning a cat may improve your dating life but remember as a guy you are going to have to keep it alive for the rest of its’ life not just till the end of your relationship with your girlfriend.

While cats get you in the door, dog owners have closer more supportive relationships according to a 2015 study published by PLOS One. As dogs require more maintenance and attention, women think that men with dogs are ready for a serious relationship. And a woman who owns a dog is very attractive to men.

Which Pet Is More Loving?

dog with a rose

Both dogs and cats form tight relationships with their owners and have different uses. However, a dogs’ instinct is to be more loyal and loving as proven by neuroscientist Dr. Paul Zak. Dr. Zak tested 10 dogs and 10 cats and it turns out that dogs have nearly FIVE TIMES more love than cats according to the Doc in the Huffington Post.

To accurately determine the love between pets and humans, Dr. Zak took blood samples from each animal before and after they played with their humans to test for their levels of oxytocin (the “love hormone”). “It’s a chemical we produce in our brain when we care about someone”, Zak said. It’s what mammals release to bond with their young”. And dogs blew cats out of the water.

In Conclusion

As we have said before, dogs and cats are different. And we have tried to present everything fairly, but we still believe dogs are better. Hopefully, this blog convinced you of it too.

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