Meet Our Staff

Alton & Barbara Kauffman

Alton and Barbara Kauffman are the owners of Albark Kennels. As CEO, Alton spends his days matching up the parent dogs to create puppies with amazing temperaments and personalities. He is in charge of all the tiny details that come with owning and managing a kennel. He has a lot on his plate and mind. You may or may not have the pleasure of meeting him when you come out to visit. 

Barbara is Alton’s lovely wife. She does all the paperwork that comes with puppies. She is the friendly voice or response on the other end of the line, email, or the Facebook page. She helps arrange pickup dates and make sure that all the paperwork is lined up so it flows smoothly on pickup day. If you use our delivery option or use an airline, Barbara will likely be the person who brings your puppy to you.

Our Crew

Each of our staff members are dedicated to taking great care of our puppies!


Deborah has been caring for our puppies and dogs since she was six. At thirteen, she was the main Customer Service Personnel. She graduated from the daily care of the dogs but helped with customer service if needed. She is now 21 and married to the love of her life! She has now taken on the role of running the website. She is our amazing head photographer (since being married she has delegated most of that to Karl and Destiny) and social media manager. If you message us on Instagram, you will probably be talking to her.


Michael is a Kennel Attendant. He spends his morning cleaning, making sure the adult dogs’ kennels are clean and bright. If there is a puppy or adult that needs attention, Michael is excellent in providing special care for puppies or dogs and acts as our home doctor under the instruction of Dr. Wendy, our vet. He also helps with the puppy vet checks if he is available or will be here to meet you if needed. Michael is 17 years old.



Twelve-year-old Abigail is a big help as well. As another Kennel Attendant, she helps keep our adult dogs’ pens clean. She’s mostly responsible for feeding the adults and keeping the water buckets clean, sparkling, and full of water. Abigail often assists during the vet checks as well, helping to weigh the puppies. Abigail would love to take on the job of the photographer, so she helps Deborah and is learning all the tricks to the trades.

Gabriel, Hadassah and Keziah

Nine-year-old Hadassah (center) loves the puppies. Currently, school is taking up most of her time and she doesn’t get to spend as much time with the puppies as she’d like. Gabriel is seven and the youngest of the family. He loves to tag along when you come to visit. He also appears in quite a few photos because he’s absolutely adorable. Five-year-old Keziah (left), Alton and Barbara’s oldest grandchild, comes over quite often and almost always has a puppy in her arms. Together, these three make sure that your puppy has been introduced to children. 

Meet Our Staff

Karl and Destiny

Karl and Destiny are our husband and wife team puppy trainers. They reside in Pennsylvania with their 2 dogs and their son. Destiny is currently enrolled in Catch Canine Trainers Academy. Both Karl and Destiny have trained multiple puppies and enjoy working with the puppies to make sure your puppy gets the best start to life that they can. The puppies that they train live in their house with them and get lots of interaction with their personal dogs and son! Karl and Destiny have taken on most of the photography and do an amazing job with it!

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