Puppies In Training for Sale!

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*Please note: Only the puppies on this page have the training mentioned on this page. All other puppies are ready for you to train.

Basic Training Details

The most critical socialization period in a puppy’s life is between 3 to 16 weeks. It is crucial that they are around different dogs/people during this time. Don’t worry! We have already taken care of that for you! Your puppy has been introduced to many different dogs, people, and environments while in our care. Your puppy also received the following training.

Potty Training:

Good news! Your puppy is already potty trained! Your puppy will sit at the door to let you know when he/she needs to go outside. 

Crate Training:

Your puppy will be familiar with a crate. They will be able to spend the night in the crate with no accidents. 

Leash Training:

Your pup will walk nicely on a leash. (No biting or fearful behavior).

Car Rides:

He\She will be comfortable being in a car.

Basic Commands:

Your puppy will respond to the commands “sit,” “lay down,” “stay,” “leave it,” “come,” and “off.”

Vet Care/Groomed:

Your puppy will be up to date on all its vaccines (including Lyme disease). They will also be microchipped, and receive a clean bill of health from our veterinarians. Your puppy will have its nails trimmed, brushed, and handled by the veterinarian and groomer.

Stair Trained:

Your puppy will be comfortable and accustomed to ascending and descending stairs.


When your puppy-in-training leaves it will go to the trainer’s house where it will then live day-to-day life with the trainer’s family 24/7 until it leaves to go to its new home. Your puppy will be exposed to many different social situations and will have exposure to new people, children, and other dogs. Your puppy will be familiar with being trained in different environments to create a better all-around socialized puppy.


Dam: Karoline

Mom: Karoline

Dad: Bobby

Tyson (Previously Kale) was born on March 16,  and is currently in training… He will be ready for his new home August 2021.

From his Trainer: “Tyson is an adorable snuggly golden doodle. He has been very easy to work with and train new things since the time that we brought him into our home. We have enjoyed getting to know his personality and learning what he likes. He enjoys walks, playing with other pups, and children. He also loves sticks and fetching them for you! He’s very much an at your feet kind of puppy in the house and likes to cuddle! He would make a great addition to any home. He is also up to date on all vaccines and neutered! He’s ready to go the first weekend in August!”
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