Puppies In Training for sale!

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Basic Training Details

The most critical socialization period in a puppy’s life is between 3 to 16 weeks. It is crucial that they are around different dogs/people during this time. Don’t worry! We have already taken care of that for you! Your puppy has been introduced to many different dogs, people, and environments while in our care. Your puppy also received the following training.

Potty Training:

Good news! Your puppy is already potty trained! Your puppy will sit at the door to let you know when he/she needs to go outside. 

Crate Training:

Your puppy will be familiar with a crate. They will be able to spend the night in the crate with no accidents. 

Leash Training:

Your pup will walk nicely on a leash. (No biting or fearful behavior).

Car Rides:

He\She will be comfortable being in a car.

Basic Commands:

Your puppy will know how to sit, lay down, and stay.

Vet Care:

Your puppy will be up to date on all its vaccines (including Lyme disease). They will also be microchipped, and receive a clean bill of health from our veterinarians.

F1b Goldendoodle

Mom: Geneva


Dad: Lafayette

Dunkin is a loveable, spunky goldendoodle. Some of his favorite things are playing fetch, hiking, walking, and most of all cuddling. He enjoys playing with other dogs but is also very content to just be at your feet. Dunkin is proving to be very smart with his training program, he responds very well with verbal affirmation. He has proven to us that he learns new commands very easily. We believe Dunkin will thrive in a home where he gets lots of hiking or walks and most of all cuddles😀

 Dunkin was born on November 4, 2020 and ready for his new home.

Golden Retriever

Mom: Edelweiss


Dad: Dundee

Meet Eddy. Eddy is a 4 month old goldendoodle who is currently in training. He is very smart and does well with training. Eddy has a very even temperament. He can be energetic and playful but is also gentle and affectionate. He loves to go on walks and playing with you! Eddy also enjoys watching you do your thing while chewing his favorite bone. He is doing well with potty-training and crate-training and is constantly learning new things!

 Eddy was born on December 24, 2020 and will be ready for his new home when his training is complete.

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