Follow-up review…

We acquired Ella in March and posted a 5-star review that reflected our experience working with Albark up through Ella being carefully handed over to us. This follow-up review may be more helpful to folks considering adding a family member from Albark. Ella tested positive very early on for a parasite. She was never ill but the parasite presented a real doggy daycare problem and kept Ella from our other family pets. It was a stubborn parasite (just like Ella!). Albark worked with us from the moment we reached out to ask for their help. They immediately put their competent vet in touch with ours. They followed up, provided helpful information, and offered to do anything, including within their control to remedy the issue. They offered solutions and put the decision in our hands. Their concerns for Ella and us were obviously genuine. We are SO impressed with the Albark family. Ella is a very happy pooch! John, Laurinda and Ella.

John and Laurinda Grasso

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