My Best Girlfriend ever

Leah came home with us in August 2021, she was 10 weeks old. Before I could get her home we had bonded. Upon arriving home, she became the best dog ever. A beautiful companion for our family she is truly a blessing, do not know how I could ever live without her. I have not had a dog since I was 15 years old, and that was an exceptionally long time ago. I enjoy walking Leah, and I have enjoyed training her. Leah was quite easy to train, she was potty trained in less than 30 days. She now weighs thirty-nine pounds and growing. Fortunately for myself walking Leah three times a day for at least a mile each time. I have lost twenty pounds, so she is truly a blessing and the price of her is cheaper than a gym pass. I could just go on and on, however, I will not. The Best dog I ever had.
Thank you
Albark Kennels.

Brenda Douglas
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