The most wonderful companion for our family

We welcomed Cooper – a Bernedoodle puppy – into our family last August. He has brought us more joy and happiness than we could have imagined. He is so loving, loyal, calm, and smart! From the very beginning, he was so patient with our children — a 4-yo boy and a 7-yo girl. He always wants to be where they are, and when we travel to the grandparents’ house, we sometimes find Cooper laying outside of the guest room where the children sleep, faithfully guarding them. We travel lots of places with Cooper and never hear a peep from him in the car. He gets used to new places easily. He is playful yet also eager to please and has been easy to train. He’s healthy, energetic, and athletic, able to go on long walks with us, but not so energetic that he needs long walks every single day. We can’t recommend Albark highly enough and know if we were ever to get another dog, we would get one here.

Susan Keatley

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