We originally purchased our first

We originally purchased our first English Cream Golden from Al-Bark in June 2018. We loved our puppy and he was a wonderful dog. We had him neutered right after he turned 1-year-old and while he was in, the vet discovered a congenital heart defect that could not be treated. We were told he had 6 months at best. Unfortunately, Gryffin would pass away two weeks later, leaving two sad adults and two heartbroken kids.
Once we got the diagnosis from the veterinary cardiologist and at his suggestion, we reached out to Barbara and Alton to give them a heads up in case any other pups in Gryffin’s litter had similar issues. My brother adopted Gryffin’s mother, and she is 6 and healthy. Barbara and Alton were very sympathetic and asked us to keep them updated. When Gryffin passed away, we again reached out and let them know.
As luck would have it, they had two male English Cream goldens available. We were able to work with Barbara and Alton on getting a new dog and they took care of everything. I cannot say enough good things about the way they handled the situation.
I have recommended them to someone I know who is in the market for a golden.

Andy Nichols

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