Customer Reviews

We love our Goldendoodle!

We got our puppy, Betty in June from Albark Kennels. She is the best! The whole process was very smooth and the vet said she is very healthy. We are so lucky to have found Albark Kennels and our perfect puppy. Thank you!!

Corrine Dalfonzo
Betty (Ranae)

We love Albark

We adopted our golden retriever, Baxter, from Albark almost 9 years ago and this past January I adopted a Bernese Mountain dog puppy from them. Both experiences have been wonderful. We drove out to the family farm to pick Baxter up and the facilities there are just beautiful. Great big, clean, airy Amish style barns full of fresh hay and happy dogs and puppies. It was heavenly. The second time we opted for delivery in Hagerstown, MD, and that went just as beautifully and was well worth it. Either way you decide to go, Albark makes getting your new puppy a wonderful and blessed experience. ❤️

Deborah Shear
Bailey and Baxter

Love of our life!

We got our Dylan a few years ago and he is honestly the best dog we have ever had. Thank you Albark Kennels for raising the cutest and healthiest puppies around. From the day we brought him home he has brought us nothing but laughter and happiness ❤️ He is truly the love of our lives and can’t imagine our life without him!

Diane Abbasi

Best Decision I Ever Made

Almost four years ago, I told my then-fiancé that I needed a dog and wasn’t taking no for an answer. His only request was that we do our research and find a breeder he felt confident in. After days and weeks of research, we found Albark Kennels and he finally said yes.
We have literally never regret this decision. Finding our little buddy was easy, reserving him was a breeze, and picking him up went as smoothly as we could have imagined. And our sweet boy is the best dog in the world. He is loving and gentle and was so easy to train.
Recently, we have decided it’s time for us to adopt a new little buddy into our family and even though we have since moved all the way to Seattle we will absolutely be coming back to the east coast to get an Albark puppy. We looked at other breeders out west and honestly haven’t found one we liked as much.
We strongly recommend Albark to anyone looking to adopt a dog!

Madeline Kennedy Williamson

My new service/companion dog!

We lost our 16 year old goldendoodle the 30th of Sept. 20, 2022.
We were away on vacation afterwards. Upon our return, in Middle of October 2022, we were surprised with Ford who we renamed Teddy. We were so thankful to my sister-in-law for doing something so heartwarming for us. I needed a companion now more than ever but wasnt sure of when I eould be ready. As doon as I saw yhe beautiful brown eyed of Teddy, I lnew the time was perfect. I can not express how greatful I am to my Sister- in-law for this blessing. He is now 17 months old and is my shadow. I recomend Albark to everyone who asks where we got such a beautiful pup from!

Robert Boyd Jones

This place is wonderful

This place is wonderful the family that lives there is so sweet. I recently just bought Wendi a blonde golden retriever puppy and she is already my new best friend. The dogs they breed there are really smart, Wendi will whine when she needs to use the bathroom and she’s only 8 weeks old. If I could give this place 10 stars I would! Very clean place and well ran. Definitely was worth the 4-hour drive. Thank you again for my new best friend you guys are awesome.

Julia Finch

Best dog ever!

I adopted Bean in June, after he went through the eight weeks of training with Destiny. I have to tell you he is the best dog ever he is so obedient, friendly, socialized and a sweetheart! It is so worth the money to have your puppy trained Bean once came to our house did not have one accident, knows all his commands, he does not jump or nip on anything. He is now six months old and he is still the perfect puppy. Destiny did a fantastic job! I have people all the time telling me what a good puppy he is even strangers on the street when we walk! Do not hesitate to get the training you will be glad that you did ! Albark Kennels is great to work with and Barbara is always there to answer a question if you have one! Thank you Albark and Destiny for the perfect puppy for our family.💕💕💕

Marilyn Laverdiere

Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much for raising wonderful dogs that make amazing puppies. We purchased “Nate” which is now Barkley in September 2021 at 8 weeks. The process was smooth and everyone was great to work with even meeting us halfway. Barkley is doing great, loves the kids, and was super easy to train. We are so in love and I would highly recommend potential puppy buyers to purchase from you. Thank you!!!!

Christie Opitz

Follow-up review…

We acquired Ella in March and posted a 5-star review that reflected our experience working with Albark up through Ella being carefully handed over to us. This follow-up review may be more helpful to folks considering adding a family member from Albark. Ella tested positive very early on for a parasite. She was never ill but the parasite presented a real doggy daycare problem and kept Ella from our other family pets. It was a stubborn parasite (just like Ella!). Albark worked with us from the moment we reached out to ask for their help. They immediately put their competent vet in touch with ours. They followed up, provided helpful information, and offered to do anything, including within their control to remedy the issue. They offered solutions and put the decision in our hands. Their concerns for Ella and us were obviously genuine. We are SO impressed with the Albark family. Ella is a very happy pooch! John, Laurinda and Ella.

John and Laurinda Grasso

Sweetest Family

Albark Kennels was such a great experience for me. They are such a sweet family and they made the puppy adopting experience run very smooth. They let me sit there for almost 2 hours trying to figure out which pup I wanted and they helped me decide. The Alton family is very good about giving you all the knowledge you need to know about the first few weeks of the puppy life. My dog, Charlie is an F1 Golden doodle from Bubbles and Dundee’s February 2021 litter and she is my absolute best friend.

Madison Bradley

Very Happy!

Getting Your Dog to Listen

We love our Golden Retriever puppy, now known as Dempsey. His parents are Scrabble & Katrina. He is now eight months old and weighs in at 62 pounds. He is incredibly smart and is doing well in obedience school.

Hope all is well with you and your family!

The Cosgrove Family

Thank you AlBark!

Happy New Year to AlBark kennels!
I want to share our happiness and love of our amazing “doodles “ with you.
Our grandchildren were terrified of dogs. I realized this had to change and Sandy and Goldie did the trick! They are a true gift. We are blessed. Thank you AlBark! You provide the nurturing and love that these puppies need before going to their forever families.

Lucy Zorr

Thankful & Grateful

We got our pup, Ollie (then Delilah) from Albark in May of 2020. The entire team was a pleasure to work with, and I swear Ollie has the best temperament of any dog that I’ve met. She came home healthy, and full of energy. We get compliments wherever we go on her looks, health, and personality. We recommend Albark Kennels to anyone thinking about adding a doodle to their family! We are thankful that Ollie is ours ❤️

Sarah Mark

Great Dogs

I’ve adopted two great puppies from Al-bark kennels! Highly recommend! I have a 3-year-old Goldendoodle and a 1-year-old bernedoodle (both are from Al-Bark Kennels)

Amanda Crawley
Perry and Penny

They Were so Welcoming

I have not purchased a doodle yet but they were so welcoming and no puppy mill would allow that. I visited and spent a good amount of time with one of the lovely daughters who was very inviting. She allowed me to come in and meet the puppies and when I am ready and a tricolor female is available I will be contacting them. Those of you who left bad reviews need to realize that those things could happen at any breeder. Thank you Al Bark for being so kind to me and allowing me to come and visit. I plan to be back.

Kathy Ferrara

Love our Sam!

Swithin (now Sam) is doing quite well. He was diagnosed with a mild hip dysplasia at his 6 month checkup. The vet said as long as we keep his weight down it should not be a problem. We recently added an invisible fence so he has more freedom. He’s very happy and we love him!

The Coggins Family

Forgot to add a picture

Forgot to add a picture of our beautiful pup from Albark kennels. They are wonderful! 🦮

Robert Boyd Jones

Love Our Sweet Boy!

We adopted Duke (formerly Marshall) on April 24, 2021, at 4 months old. Today makes 1 full month of us having him. He will be 5 months on the 3rd. We are so in love! So glad that we decided to go with Albark Kennels when making such a big decision, especially with us driving approximately 4.5 hrs to bring him home. He is a happy and healthy puppy! He’s definitely full of energy and keeps us on our toes daily! Thanks again, Albark!

The Nzidee Family

We would recommend them to anyone!

We were SO happy with our experience with Al-Bark kennels, and are so happy that we chose them! When we arrived we were greeted by Alton and his adorable family, all of who were very friendly yet professional. The kennels were very clean and well maintained, and ALL of the dogs inside were happy and I could have spent all day there cuddling them all! Our sweet golden retriever is all we could have ever asked for, as her demeanor is calm yet playful and loving, and it was as if she knew exactly what to do and has been a dream to potty train and deal with her daily. I’m so glad to have already recommended them to friends who have also received their puppies, we now know of at least three other happy families who were lucky enough to receive their puppies from Al-Bark kennels, and we would recommend them to anyone!

Amy Holbert

Wonderful puppies that turn into the best dogs.

Wonderful puppies that turn into the best dogs.

Kenneth Reichard

Wonderful Kennel

Wonderful Kennel, very nice family. Had our dog for a year now and what an incredible dog he has been. So easy to train and so well behaved.

Joshua Sines

As Happy As Can Be

We purchased and picked up our “Rook” previously “Peter” in July when he had turned 8 weeks he is the most wonderful, gentle, intuitive pup now at 6 months. We could not be happier with Albark Kennels who is an absolute joy to deal with.

Ann Kellington

Great place! Beautiful Dogs!!!

Great place! Beautiful Dogs!!!

Joshua Kauffman

Absolutely Adorable

The puppies are absolutely adorable

Mary Lapp

One Year Anniversary!

We drove to Maryland right as quarantine started last March. We picked up Clooney (formerly Konner) and fell in love immediately! He has been the best boy for the past year and was truly a blessing in disguise during a crazy time. Albark did amazing taking care of him before we picked him up. he’s the cuddliest, sweetest Goldendoodle! Thank you Albark!

Emma Edmondson

We love our pup!

My experience with Albark kennels was fantastic. At every point the team was accommodating, kind, willing to answer all of my (sometimes ridiculous) questions, and overall made what could be sometimes a stressful experience so easy. We got our Pluto at 10 weeks and he has been the best thing to happen to our family!!!
He is absolutely beautiful, incredible demeanor, and we constantly get compliments on him. I couldn’t recommend Albark Kennels more!

Emma Benson-Xu

Wonderful Puppy!

We picked up Louie at 8 weeks. He came to us clean and healthy and full of affection. He has grown so much over the past 4 weeks and is really a sweet goldendoodle. I was so pleased with Albark Kennels and I can tell they take great care with these puppies. Louie had his first vet visit and was found to be in perfect health with absolutely no concerns. He is easy to train and works hard for kibble. Very few accidents in the house and he uses a bell to ask to go outside already! He is a puppy from Lanette and Lafayette’s litter. I’m already stalking their page for another puppy, don’t tell my husband.

Jessica Moore

Best family dog from Albark Kennels

Our puppy from Albark has been such a blessing to our new little family. Barb and the folks at Albark were extremely accommodating as we adopted our boy. We moved from Florida and Walter was able to be placed in the excellent care of the Albark dog training team while we moved for around two weeks. He came to us almost completely potty trained, crate trained and happy as a clam. We did not have the pleasure of meeting his parents but I am sure they are of good stock genetically (english cream golden). He came to us on pace with vaccinations which we love, as he is able to come with us in public at just 4 months old now being fully vaccinated. Walter has proven to be the sweetest, fun loving and obedient boy we could have ever asked for. Wherever we go Walter is a celebrity. My wife Marlee and I could not recommend Barb and Albark kennels more. To Albark: Thank you so much for bringing Walter into our lives. We cannot imagine life without him now.

Joe Greschner


We picked up our girl, Fiona Reign in September. She is now 6 months old. An absolute beauty & joy to our family. She’s a great girl. Friendly & loving. She was 1000% against crate training, she just wants to always be with her people and we are delighted to have her. She’s a typical Doodle, her style, her personality and we can’t wait to watch her continue to grow. Dealing with this Breeder was top-notch. Our first pup was found to have a heart murmur, the Breeder told us and gave me the option of purchasing or passing. I thought that was a top-notch professional. The farm was in a beautiful setting in Western MD. Close to Deep Creek Lake which allowed us a weekend getaway too. I would recommend it to anyone and we are even considering a second pup this year. Thank you.

Kelli Leisher
Fiona Reign

Thankful for our healthy and happy pup!

This will be a long post, so if you’re in for it – hello! If not — long story short, Al-Bark is phenomenal.

My husband and I decided we wanted a Goldendoodle as we both wanted an allergy-friendlier dog. When we began our search, Al-Bark was recommended to us. They seem to have a healthy rotation of puppies, so it wasn’t long before we spotted the pup we had been imagining.

The process was very straightforward.
1- Put a deposit in for an existing or future puppy.
2- Receive an update that puppies (with photos) are available to be reserved by gender.
3- Receive updates that individual photos have come out and the individual pup can be reserved.
4- Two weeks later, pick up the puppy at their site.

I will say, the location was very inconspicuous. There wasn’t a sign or house number, so we drove right by it the first time. Once we got there, we were greeted in the parking area.

‘Mel,’ now Bucky, was waiting for us in the main space. He was beyond excited to see us. We met and played for a few minutes, and then got down to the adoption business. We were given a folder with all of the essentials and walked through the process paper by paper. All of our questions were answered before we thought to ask. We couldn’t have been better prepared.

Bucky has been with us for 6 weeks (and one day) now, and he has brought an entirely new light into our lives. He is sweet and loving, goofy with a spitfire personality, and is an incredibly quick learner. He can be the biggest snuggle bug and has an enormous amount of energy. He has made friends with everyone he has met so far — even the vet was impressed by him.

Al-Bark could not be doing a better job raising their puppies, and we are thankful for our healthy and happy pup.

Julia W. Corbett

The Best

AlBark Kennels are the best place to get your puppies. They offer different kinds of Goldens and care for them greatly before you get them. Very nice people

Vanessa Strawderman

Sadie Mae’s 1st Birthday

Sadie Mae (Klaudia) turned one yesterday, March 23, 2021, and wanted to share a picture. She is a great addition to our family. We are very excited that in a few months we will be visiting again to bring home her new brother.

The Burch Family

Raymond & Cheryl Burch
Sadie Mae

They’re all incredible

Our family has 3 f1b Goldendoodles, maybe 4 soon. They’re all from Al-Bark and they’re all incredible. Our daughter’s family has two boys that we all love and they are so cute together. We have Annie and she’s such a treasure. Doodles are sweet, smart, loving, and smart. We are getting Annie a baby sister for her birthday. You can’t miss with Al-Bark!

Meg Baer

Friendly staff and a beautiful setting

Picked up our snuggle bug golden doodle in early September. She is the best dog….beautiful healthy and loving. Friendly staff and a beautiful setting. Kennels, where mom and pups held, were clean and roomy. They offered to allow us to see the mom and siblings while our pup was getting her bath. We’re very happy with our interactions with this family-run kennel.

liz brown

Such a great personality!

My husband and I traveled to Albark Kennels to bring home Zarah (original name). When we arrived we felt such a warm welcome as you prepared one of “our” love ones for travel. Once Zarah arrived home, it was as if she was meant for our family. Her personality is truly one of a kind. She is such a gentle hearted dog who enjoys playing in the mud but also the evening television shows and snuggles. Though not yet a year old, she has already grown into such a loving girl.

Wilde Family

BEST Temperament Of Any Puppy I Have Seen

We purchased “Adrian” who we have renamed Berkeley in early June. He was the last of his litter who hadn’t been purchased so we got him at 4 months old. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. When I tell you he has the BEST temperament of any puppy I have seen. He is so calm and well behaved and we have barely done any training. He is almost 6 months old and is currently 45lbs, he is definitely going to be a big boy but is such a gentle giant. So far no health issues have come up but will continue to monitor it 🙂

Lauren Rosa

Great puppies!

We got our puppy from you this past summer at the end of July. My husband Mike my daughter Jordan and I drove from Scituate MA to pick up Schmidt now named Koda. We could not be happier! Koda is an amazing dog and we have already grown to love him enormously in a very short time! Everyone who meets him compliments us on how cute he is and on his adorable personality! He is very smart and so playful! I am a dog walker so I take him with me which he enjoys immensely! All the other dogs love to play with him. My mother Meg Baer and her husband Bill just got a puppy from you about three weeks ago. After meeting Koda they had to have a puppy just like him. He is a giant fluff ball weighing 72 pounds and I think still growing! Happy New Year to you and your family!

The Tripp Family

Such an amazing place!

Al-bark kennels are such an amazing place! The family is so sweet! Their dogs are well cared for and so adorable! I love the dog that I got from here, he’s such a big sweetheart and when we first got him, he was running around and so happy and I knew he was the one for me! 10/10 would recommend getting a dog from here!

astrid cisneros

Fantastic Experience!

My husband and I went to get our little boy Finn (AB name Garth) at end of May. It was a long drive out there but worth it. When we got there I was a little taken back because it was a working farm as well. The children greeted us and shook our hands. The barn where the puppies and dogs were kennels with fans and AC. The kennels were very clean and so were the dogs. The dogs all looked happy and they all wanted your attention. We notice a puppy separated from the rest. The owner told us she had an intestinal resection and that she was ready to go back with her litter. They just wanted to be sure. Most breeders would have put her down but they didn’t and that speaks volumes to us. We couldn’t leave her behind so we got both. Harley and Finn. These two pups checked out great at our vet. No worms or parasites at all. They are so sweet and extremely smart. At 15 weeks old they already know how to sit and wait for their food. Because the puppies are NOT raised in a home they are easier to potty train. They are also easy to train because they have had limited bad habits they picked up. They are wonderful. I posted videos and pics. I would highly recommend this place for your doodles. They have a lot of puppies but they love them all and it shows in our two babies. Feel free to message me if you have questions.

Heather Wilder

They’ve been helpful and friendly

They’ve been helpful and friendly from beginning to end.

Scarlett Adkins

Best pups ever!

We adopted Charlie ( Formerly Sanders) at almost 7 months old in April of 2020 and he is an angel boy. We had to have another. We adopted our Flynn (Formerly Earl) March 2021 and they are both a dream. Our vet calls them perfect boys. They are sweet, gentle, loving and playful. I highly recommend Al bark and will only buy my pups here.

Kimberly Pilkerton
Charlie & Flynn

Love her!

We are just in love with her
Thank you for raising such wonderful dogs 😊😊😊


I would deal with them again in a heartbeat

They were great to deal with! Super friendly, knowledgeable, and very patient answering all my questions 😀 Very clean kennel with healthy, adorable puppies 🐶 I would deal with them again in a heartbeat 💓 😊

Lesley McCutcheon

Accessible, Responsive and Transparent

Our experience at Albark was 5-star from the beginning. They answered all our questions completely and timely (and we had a lot of questions). They were patient. When it came time to deliver Ella (aka Jenna), Albark accommodated our travel needs. Its puppy doctor was thorough and her papers were in order. She’s been home for a few weeks and she is an energetic puppy, she is healthy, super-cute and seems to love being a part of our family. The folks at Albark took great care in delivering a healthy pooch. They were open and accessible. We certainly recommend Albark. We love Ella our mini Bernedoodle. Thank you, Albark!

John and Laurinda

Puppy is doing great!

Cooper (formerly Kelton ) is doing great. He survived the New England winter and loved the snow and walks on the beach! One picture he is cheering on the pats for the superbowl game. He is 7 ½ months and weighs 60 lbs. and still growing. He just started puppy classes! His new thing is watching the birds. He is a great addition to the family!

Happy Customers


Annie (Luna) turned one on July 28, 2022 and is doing great! She gets WOWs everywhere we go. Many people don’t know the many color combinations Goldendoodles come in. She’s full energy and very athletic, loves to run. I’m so happy I have this girl in my life.
Thank you Albark Kennels

David Gilbert

We originally purchased our first

We originally purchased our first English Cream Golden from Al-Bark in June 2018. We loved our puppy and he was a wonderful dog. We had him neutered right after he turned 1-year-old and while he was in, the vet discovered a congenital heart defect that could not be treated. We were told he had 6 months at best. Unfortunately, Gryffin would pass away two weeks later, leaving two sad adults and two heartbroken kids.
Once we got the diagnosis from the veterinary cardiologist and at his suggestion, we reached out to Barbara and Alton to give them a heads up in case any other pups in Gryffin’s litter had similar issues. My brother adopted Gryffin’s mother, and she is 6 and healthy. Barbara and Alton were very sympathetic and asked us to keep them updated. When Gryffin passed away, we again reached out and let them know.
As luck would have it, they had two male English Cream goldens available. We were able to work with Barbara and Alton on getting a new dog and they took care of everything. I cannot say enough good things about the way they handled the situation.
I have recommended them to someone I know who is in the market for a golden.

Andy Nichols

Thanks Again!

We wanted to update you on Milo (formerly Glendon). He will be 2 years old the beginning of March. We moved from Maryland to Idaho this past June. Milo loves the winter and our loads of snow. He is over 100 pounds and nothing but silly and love. He is very well behaved and smart. He loves hiking and swimming. We are blessed to have him. He and our lab Kodiak love each other to pieces. Thanks again!

Tom and Cheryl

My Best Girlfriend ever

Leah came home with us in August 2021, she was 10 weeks old. Before I could get her home we had bonded. Upon arriving home, she became the best dog ever. A beautiful companion for our family she is truly a blessing, do not know how I could ever live without her. I have not had a dog since I was 15 years old, and that was an exceptionally long time ago. I enjoy walking Leah, and I have enjoyed training her. Leah was quite easy to train, she was potty trained in less than 30 days. She now weighs thirty-nine pounds and growing. Fortunately for myself walking Leah three times a day for at least a mile each time. I have lost twenty pounds, so she is truly a blessing and the price of her is cheaper than a gym pass. I could just go on and on, however, I will not. The Best dog I ever had.
Thank you
Albark Kennels.

Brenda Douglas

Thank you AlBark!

We got our Brody from Al Bark in June of 2017. We are so pleased with him. He is still a baby and I am able to be out of a crate 24/7. He is loving and cuddles all the time. He has brought so much joy to us! Thank you Albark!

Karly Daplyn

Love him so much!

We definitely recommend AlBarkKennels. They were so helpful when we had to delay pick up. When we arrived they were getting Max ready, great family all hands on deck! Max is so loved we are very happy! We are planning getting our second pup soon!

B. Leandry


I purchased my puppy, Kilani (aka Natasha) from you this past January. She just turned 6 months old on May 23rd. My husband and I just LOVE Kilani. She is beautiful and smart. Everyone who meets her, falls in love with her (mainly because of eyes, but also because of her personality.)

When we decided to get a dog, we spent endless hours searching for reputable breeders in Maryland. My sister, who lives in Pennsylvania, actually located Al-Bark Kennels and forwarded your information to me. I contacted Barbara (with several emails and tons of questions) in December, and she was very responsive. We wanted a medium-sized Goldendoodle. At the time, they had not posted any pictures of the medium F1 Goldendoodles, so I did not know they had a litter available. I put down my deposit and waited for the pictures to be put on the website.

Once the pictures were there, I knew immediately the puppy I wanted, but I was 4th in line to pick. We made the 3-hour drive to the kennel and saw the puppies in person. That was a WONDERFUL experience! After seeing each pup’s personality, I made my 4 choices. I was sooooo happy when I found out I got my first pick! We took advantage of the Hagerstown delivery option and met Barbara. We made our final payment, signed papers, and got Kilani. It only took about 7 minutes!

Kilani adjusted quickly. She was checked out from head to toe at our vet (no parasites). Kilani is now 37 pounds at 6 months old. She is well socialized, very intelligent, and hardly barks. Her parents are Nana and Rascal. If you have a pup from Nana and Rascal, please get in touch!

If you’re thinking about owning a Goldendoodle, I would highly recommend getting one from Al-Bark Kennels!

Kim Potter


Thank you Barbara and Alton for bringing our baby to Va in the pouring rain. Your professionalism and compassion was amazing. Everest aka Apple is settling in very well and loving all the things.

Tonya Duley
Everest Aka (Apple)

Very Satisfied

Very nice and professional Amish breeders. We were very satisfied.

Dave G

Very Satisfied!

Bentley’s doing great! He’s such a loving and caring puppy. He was really easy to house train. We are now working on getting his commands down, although he knows most of them he is a little stubborn unless there are treats involved. We are so happy with our experience with Al-bark Kennels.

Happy Customers

The most wonderful companion for our family

We welcomed Cooper – a Bernedoodle puppy – into our family last August. He has brought us more joy and happiness than we could have imagined. He is so loving, loyal, calm, and smart! From the very beginning, he was so patient with our children — a 4-yo boy and a 7-yo girl. He always wants to be where they are, and when we travel to the grandparents’ house, we sometimes find Cooper laying outside of the guest room where the children sleep, faithfully guarding them. We travel lots of places with Cooper and never hear a peep from him in the car. He gets used to new places easily. He is playful yet also eager to please and has been easy to train. He’s healthy, energetic, and athletic, able to go on long walks with us, but not so energetic that he needs long walks every single day. We can’t recommend Albark highly enough and know if we were ever to get another dog, we would get one here.

Susan Keatley


My boyfriend and I got our Penny girl (formerly Sadie) from you guys back In May of 2022. She is the best dog ever! She is so smart, sweet, fun, obedient, and loving! I have attached a picture from her 1st birthday on Valentine’s Day this year. Thank you for the best dog!

Sarah McDonald

Highly Recommend

I bought my golden doodle back in July. I love her so much, she keeps me on my toes. I will be purchasing another puppy soon.
I highly recommend Albark Kennels to purchase your fur baby.

Karen Springer

It’s the perfect place to buy a perfect dog!!!

It’s the perfect place to buy a perfect dog!!!

Stephen Kauffman

Very Satisfied!

Greetings from the Popik family!
Here is our sweet Elsa (formerly Tootsie), who is the sweetest dog on the planet. At 7 months old, she has captivated our family with her loving spirit and family-friendly demeanor. She is so gentle and sweet with our children, ages 4,7, and 8, and is a rockstar at her training classes. Already we can’t imagine our lives without her! Albark Kennels was wonderful to work with, and we highly recommend this breeder and their amazing dogs. Thank you!!!

Margaret and Doug Popik

“Scooby”- do we love you!”

Our Scooby (alias Bruce) is a real joy! He looks to be the size of a full adult however he is still a lovable puppy. He will be 1 yr. old in September. Every trait attributed to the Goldendoodles, he seems to possess. He is smart, loves to be petted (by family and all who meet him), luvs to eat and play.
We appreciate the professionalism of the staff and family of Albark Kennels and their continued focus on raising healthy, happy puppies!
I would recommend anyone looking for a beautiful experience of adding a “furr-baby” to your family. Look no further than Albark Kennels!!!

Denise and Bob Lynch

We couldn’t ask for a happier, more playful puppy!

We wanted you to see our beautiful girl Annie (Glenna). She is 9 months old now and growing up to look just like her dad Rocky. We couldn’t ask for a happier, more playful puppy!

Lora Clark

We love our doodle from Al Bark Kennels.

We love our doodle from Al Bark Kennels.

Michael & Annette Meyers

The vet even commented on how lucky we were

We picked up our little Goldendoodle Raina on May 26th. She is a great little puppy. Just got her vet checked and she is perfectly healthy. The vet even commented on how lucky we were to get such a great dog that is playful, but not wild. I would definitely recommend Al-bark to those who are looking for a Goldendoodle. The price was reasonable as well.


clean, happy, & healthy

The Mennonite kids basically run the kennels and seem to do an excellent job. The dogs are clean, happy, & healthy for the most part. Worth the 2 hr drive for us!

Leland Harris

I highly recommend this Kennel to EVERYONE

Clean, temperature-regulated dog facilities. Courteous, professional staff. I am a transporter and have picked up from them several times. Never an issue, I highly recommend this Kennel to EVERYONE looking for a healthy, happy fur family member 😃.

Kelly Hicks

Still in love with my Oreo!

Bought my little guy Oreo (didn’t change his name) from Albark Kennels back in January at 3 months and he is almost one now. I love him so much and truly appreciate the experience you all gave me. The communication was wonderful and easy and I have continued to recommend everyone I know to adopt little babies from you guys. Thank you so much!

Tonisha Patterson

Excellent breeder!!!

We purchased our F1b Goldendoodle, Margot (formally Sophia) from AlBark Kennels back in March and we are so in love! She is almost 1 year old now and she is so beautiful and she is the sweetest, most lovable, smartest, and well-behaved puppy! On top of that as soon as we got her home we took her to the vet for a wellness check and the doctor said she is in perfect health, up to date on all her shots and she does not have parasites! Excellent breeder!!!

kate tanida

If you had any reservations about buying a puppy, we hope that our reviews have put your mind at ease! Our puppies are carefully nurtured till they are able to run and play, then we make sure that they are well socialized with kids, adults, and other animals! This allows our puppies to adapt quickly and lovingly. Feel free to take a look at our available puppies.

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