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All our Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, and Golden Retriever puppies are microchipped with a 15 digit ISO chip. There is a $35 charge to register the microchip and includes the basic activation plus a free lifetime online account to change information as needed. The online account also includes a video training library, and lifetime behavior and training support by a real live training specialist.

Such a great personality!

My husband and I traveled to Albark Kennels to bring home Zarah (original name). When we arrived we felt such a warm welcome as you prepared one of “our” love ones for travel. Once Zarah arrived home, it was as if she was meant for our family. Her personality is truly one of a kind. She is such a gentle hearted dog who enjoys playing in the mud but also the evening television shows and snuggles. Though not yet a year old, she has already grown into such a loving girl.

Wilde Family

Great puppies!

We got our puppy from you this past summer at the end of July. My husband Mike my daughter Jordan and I drove from Scituate MA to pick up Schmidt now named Koda. We could not be happier! Koda is an amazing dog and we have already grown to love him enormously in a very short time! Everyone who meets him compliments us on how cute he is and on his adorable personality! He is very smart and so playful! I am a dog walker so I take him with me which he enjoys immensely! All the other dogs love to play with him. My mother Meg Baer and her husband Bill just got a puppy from you about three weeks ago. After meeting Koda they had to have a puppy just like him. He is a giant fluff ball weighing 72 pounds and I think still growing! Happy New Year to you and your family!

The Tripp Family

Very Happy!

Getting Your Dog to Listen

We love our Golden Retriever puppy, now known as Dempsey. His parents are Scrabble & Katrina. He is now eight months old and weighs in at 62 pounds. He is incredibly smart and is doing well in obedience school.

Hope all is well with you and your family!

The Cosgrove Family

Very Satisfied!

Greetings from the Popik family!
Here is our sweet Elsa (formerly Tootsie), who is the sweetest dog on the planet. At 7 months old, she has captivated our family with her loving spirit and family-friendly demeanor. She is so gentle and sweet with our children, ages 4,7, and 8, and is a rockstar at her training classes. Already we can’t imagine our lives without her! Albark Kennels was wonderful to work with, and we highly recommend this breeder and their amazing dogs. Thank you!!!

Margaret and Doug Popik

Love her!

We are just in love with her
Thank you for raising such wonderful dogs 😊😊😊


Very Satisfied!

Bentley’s doing great! He’s such a loving and caring puppy. He was really easy to house train. We are now working on getting his commands down, although he knows most of them he is a little stubborn unless there are treats involved. We are so happy with our experience with Al-bark Kennels.

Happy Customers

One Year Anniversary!

We drove to Maryland right as quarantine started last March. We picked up Clooney (formerly Konner) and fell in love immediately! He has been the best boy for the past year and was truly a blessing in disguise during a crazy time. Albark did amazing taking care of him before we picked him up. he’s the cuddliest, sweetest Goldendoodle! Thank you Albark!

Emma Edmondson

Thank you AlBark!

Happy New Year to AlBark kennels!
I want to share our happiness and love of our amazing “doodles “ with you.
Our grandchildren were terrified of dogs. I realized this had to change and Sandy and Goldie did the trick! They are a true gift. We are blessed. Thank you AlBark! You provide the nurturing and love that these puppies need before going to their forever families.

Lucy Zorr

Love our Sam!

Swithin (now Sam) is doing quite well. He was diagnosed with a mild hip dysplasia at his 6 month checkup. The vet said as long as we keep his weight down it should not be a problem. We recently added an invisible fence so he has more freedom. He’s very happy and we love him!

The Coggins Family

Fantastic Experience!

My husband and I went to get our little boy Finn (AB name Garth) at end of May. It was a long drive out there but worth it. When we got there I was a little taken back because it was a working farm as well. The children greeted us and shook our hands. The barn where the puppies and dogs were kennels with fans and AC. The kennels were very clean and so were the dogs. The dogs all looked happy and they all wanted your attention. We notice a puppy separated from the rest. The owner told us she had an intestinal resection and that she was ready to go back with her litter. They just wanted to be sure. Most breeders would have put her down but they didn’t and that speaks volumes to us. We couldn’t leave her behind so we got both. Harley and Finn. These two pups checked out great at our vet. No worms or parasites at all. They are so sweet and extremely smart. At 15 weeks old they already know how to sit and wait for their food. Because the puppies are NOT raised in a home they are easier to potty train. They are also easy to train because they have had limited bad habits they picked up. They are wonderful. I posted videos and pics. I would highly recommend this place for your doodles. They have a lot of puppies but they love them all and it shows in our two babies. Feel free to message me if you have questions.

Heather Wilder

Best pups ever!

We adopted Charlie ( Formerly Sanders) at almost 7 months old in April of 2020 and he is an angel boy. We had to have another. We adopted our Flynn (Formerly Earl) March 2021 and they are both a dream. Our vet calls them perfect boys. They are sweet, gentle, loving and playful. I highly recommend Al bark and will only buy my pups here.

Kimberly Pilkerton
Charlie & Flynn

Sadie Mae’s 1st Birthday

Sadie Mae (Klaudia) turned one yesterday, March 23, 2021, and wanted to share a picture. She is a great addition to our family. We are very excited that in a few months we will be visiting again to bring home her new brother.

The Burch Family

Raymond & Cheryl Burch
Sadie Mae

Wonderful Puppy!

We picked up Louie at 8 weeks. He came to us clean and healthy and full of affection. He has grown so much over the past 4 weeks and is really a sweet goldendoodle. I was so pleased with Albark Kennels and I can tell they take great care with these puppies. Louie had his first vet visit and was found to be in perfect health with absolutely no concerns. He is easy to train and works hard for kibble. Very few accidents in the house and he uses a bell to ask to go outside already! He is a puppy from Lanette and Lafayette’s litter. I’m already stalking their page for another puppy, don’t tell my husband.

Jessica Moore

Love of our Life

We got our Dylan a few years ago and can honestly say that he has become our whole life. Thank you Albark Kennels for providing beautiful healthy puppies. From day 1 Dylan has been nothing but a joy and has brought us many hours of laughter and happiness!

Diane Abbasi

Love of our life!

We got our Dylan a few years ago and he is honestly the best dog we have ever had. Thank you Albark Kennels for raising the cutest and healthiest puppies around. From the day we brought him home he has brought us nothing but laughter and happiness ❤️ He is truly the love of our life and can’t imagine our life without him!

Diane Abbasi

Thanks Again!

We wanted to update you on Milo (formerly Glendon). He will be 2 years old the beginning of March. We moved from Maryland to Idaho this past June. Milo loves the winter and our loads of snow. He is over 100 pounds and nothing but silly and love. He is very well behaved and smart. He loves hiking and swimming. We are blessed to have him. He and our lab Kodiak love each other to pieces. Thanks again!

Tom and Cheryl

Puppy is doing great!

Cooper (formerly Kelton ) is doing great. He survived the New England winter and loved the snow and walks on the beach! One picture he is cheering on the pats for the superbowl game. He is 7 ½ months and weighs 60 lbs. and still growing. He just started puppy classes! His new thing is watching the birds. He is a great addition to the family!

Happy Customers
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